3-2-1 Comets of Web3 says 'We were overbooked in 2 days! :D'


3-2-1 Comets of Web3 says 'We were overbooked in 2 days! :D''

June 12th, 2024

Happy Wednesday, Comets!

The start of summer has been buzzing with activity and enthusiasm!

3 News From Us


The First Romanian Solana Blockchain Developer Program was overbooked in just two days with over 100 developers registered! 🌟

Registrations are now over for the 1st cohort. This overwhelming response says A LOT about Romania's and Eastern Europe potential in blockchain technology!

Stay tune for the 2nd cohort registrations that will start in September!


Comets of Web3 is the first Romanian project featured by Solana Foundation and Solana OGs. Cool! πŸ’₯

60.000 people viewed our announcement about the First Romanian Solana Blockchain Developer Program, as it was spotlighted by Solana Foundation and multiple Solana Communities and OGs around the world!

This milestone marks a significant achievement, showcasing Comets of Web3 work and impact in the blockchain builders community. πŸš€


New team member joining in!

We're excited to announce that Daniel Marculescu, a highly motivated and self-driven Business Specialist and Agile Project Manager with over 18 years of experience, has joined the Comets team! With his extensive expertise in business analysis, data visualization, and Agile project management, Daniel is set to drive innovation and success in our projects. Welcome aboard, Daniel!


2 Builders Like You


​Raluca Negrea, COO and Co-Founder of Build21, is leading the charge in revolutionizing real estate with blockchain technology. At the recent Zoom Community Gathering on May 30th, she shared exciting updates about the company's vision, team, and future plans, highlighting a new era of transparency and innovation in the industry.


​Emmanuell Norbert Tulbure, Senior Technical Project Manager and Product Manager, is one of our valuble Iasi builders. He has worked in the past for Parity Technologies, building Polkadot Ecosystem and is currently contributing to AAve. His identity is deeply rooted in a passion for discovery, continuous improvement, and striving to be among the best in his field.


1 Idea From Others

​Austin Heaton on Web3 jobs:

Anyone looking for a new job should be focusing their search on #Web3, in my opinion.

πŸ‘‰ Money is better, remote work, cooler people, funner jobs, etc.

Source: Austin Heaton​


Until next time,

Comets of Web3
​Blockchain Builders Community​​

p.s. It's all about the memes!​


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